Version 2

    JCR content manager


    This content manager uses JCR as the backing store. It needs however some JCR implementation-specific classes, so for each one a new plugin is required. Shotoku contains one for Jackrabbit. In this plugin, Shotoku uses custom node types, so existing repositories can't be used "out-of-the-box".



    All properties should be prepended with shotoku.<repository-id>.


    • configfile - location of the repository.xml JCR configuration file.

    • connector - for JCR, you need to implement a class through which Shotoku will be able to acquire  Repository and Session implementations. The interface that these classes need to implement is org.jboss.shotoku.jcr.JcrConnector?. There is a default connector, for Jackrabbit.


    All of the other properties are JCR-implementation specific. For the Jackrabbit connector these properties are:

    • username - username to access the repository.

    • password - password of the given user.

    • localpath - a path on your local filesystem where the repository files are located.