Version 7

    This document outlines the requirements for jira when creating a new component, or migrating a 3.3.X component to 4.0.  This is part of a larger process outlined here: RichFaces 4.0 Component Development Process

    Jira Tasks

    There are next main tasks which should be created for component feature migration/addition to RichFaces:


    1) The base component "umbrella" task. This task should include next subtasks:


    • design requirements subtask
    • design markup and skinning subtasks
    • development subtasks:
      • create component project in sandbox
      • client side development
      • server side development
      • development tests for client side(qunit)
      • development tests for server side(junit)
      • pre-promotion code review
      • promotion from sandbox to ui
      • development sample subtask
      • richfaces-showcase sample subtask
      • documentation creation subtask
      • documentation review and promotion subtask
      • QE task for updating test environment with a component


      This umbrella task - covers all the functionality which targetted for the first release.


      2) We also could create separate "features" tasks even for base functionality if the component is quite complex and some features is too big and should be tracked additionally. Then this separate tasks should be linked to umbrella task and be dependent from the umbrella task.


      3) All the additional features which will not be included - should be described in separate tasks which pointed to version where them will actually done. (that next version tasks should be dependent from the base functionality umbrella task)



      Any task (including the umbrella subtasks!) must have name of component added to title such as:

      QE Task: "<component name> QE testing prep"
      umbrella subtasks should also consider that in order to review more easilly in search.


      Umbrella task resolution

      Umbrella task could be resolved when all the subtasks are done except next issues which could be postponed if time is tight:

      • development
        • unit and qunit tests development
      • richfaces-showcase subtask
      • documentation subtask
      • qe subtask


      All that subtasks if postponed - should be converted to separate tasks and pointed to next release as criticall issues.


          Designer and requirements gathering subtasks could be started together with dev tasks. In that case developer creates some prototype which getting adjusted when the design and requirements tasks marked resolved.


           QE, and rf-showcase subtasks should be assigned to the person responsible for component development initially. When the component development  is done and component moved out of sandbox - them should be reassigned to QE and person responsible for showcase to notify them that development and initial dev testing is done and components could be added to QE flow and showcase application.


           Documentation creation task normally could be started after the requirements are ready and approved (initially documentation creation are assigned to the person responsible for the requirements gathering task and reassigned to doc team when ready).

           Documentation review and promotion task should be started  after the component finally promoted to UI, so together with QE and samples creation. (initially it should be assigned to developer responsible for the component and reassigned by him when component promoted to ui)


      Tasks related to addition or changing the functionality to existent components

      All such tasks should be created with mark "affect docs". QE are welcome to check if makr is present for such type of tasks when closing resolved issue.