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    This pages contains some architectural notes for the design of JBossESB.


    WARNING: this page under construction!!



    The JmsEndPoint is a gateway to or from a JMS system and can therefor be considered as either a producer or consumer of jms messages.


    EPR Definition

    The EPR definition defines a schema which is used by the EndpointDeployer

    when validating and deploying EPR implementations. The following schema

    attributes are required:

    1. Name

      1. <service-name>(@<domain>?)

    2. Address

      1. jms://<destination-name>:<destination-type>@<host>

    3. Reference Parameters

      1. Direction (incomming/outgoing) aka Consumer or Producer

      2. ConnectionFactory

      3. DestinationName

      4. Selector

        1. Properties (Ex. We may want the selector to respond to specific jms correlation Ids only, RegExp types)

      5. Message rate throttling (incomming/outgoing), if we are pulling/pushing them, check


      1. Audit

      2. Security / Credentials etc

      3. Plugin

      4. Compression / Decompression (Should apply to all endpoints)

      5. Durable