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    New Jopr 2.2 EWS Tomcat Plugin!

    Soon to be released, Jopr 2.2 adds a powerful new plugin to coincide with the release of JBoss EWS 1.0.  Together, EWS and the Tomcat plugin gives customers a fully supported, fully managed Tomcat web application platform.  EWS will provide current, Red Hat endorsed versions of Tomcat and Httpd.  JBossON will provide powerful management via its Tomcat and Apache Httpd plugins.



    Built-in EWS hooks to easily enable JBossON management

    EWS Tomcat scripts are seeded with instructions and easily uncommented code for enabling plugin management.


    A robust resource Hierachy for managing one or more EWS Servers

    JON Autodiscovery will detect JMX enabled, running EWS servers. Or, local and remote servers can be manualled added to inventory.


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    Control Operations

    The plugin offers a wide array of Server, Connector and Application control operations.





    Authenticated JMX access is supported via familiar Jopr plugin properties.




    Persisted Configuration

    Changes to the Tomcat Server are persisted, meaning the changes are applied immediately and survive Tomcat restarts!  Adding a user or role, updating a password, changing deploy options on Virtual hosts, all persisted.


    Virtual Host Management

    The plugin offers full support for Tomcat virtual hosts so that applications can be deployed with different request paths but managed under one tree.  Virtual host options can be configured individually.


    Web Application Management

    Web applications offer a full slate of management and monitoring options.


    • Control operations
    • Deploy/Undeploy
      • Content managemen
      • Version control
      • Request response time monitoring
      • Application cache monitoring
    • Powerful metric collection



    Including request response time tracking:




    Live User Management

    Manage your Tomcat user database with immediate and persisted updates.


    • Role Create/Delete/Assignment/Configuration
    • User Create/Delete/Configuration
    • Group Create/Delete/Assignment/Configuration


    And More...
    • Connector Management
    • Threadpool monitoring
    • Apache Tomcat compatible for mixed environments
    • And all of the features you expect from JBossON for the managed servers and services. Such as:



    Your JMX enabled servers will automatically be detected and can be easily added to your resource inventory.

    Monitoring, Metric gathering and Charting

    See your data graphically, with personal views and overlayed metric charts.


    Define custom alerts, like this one for low utilization of an application:





    Immediate or scheduled operations. For example, schedule application reload:



    Resource Summary

    A Quick summary of important activity for any resource, like this web application:




    Resource Configuration

    Update your managed resources, like this Tomcat User:



    Cluster Management

    Group together resources of the same type and immediately see a cluster view of your resources, like these two servers: