Version 4

    Progress Summary for Komodo Development


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    UI Prototyping


    • TEIIDDES-1535 : Initial thoughts on different UI Eclipse workspace/perspective layouts


    DDL Modeling

    • TEIIDDES-1575 : Created the initial framework required for Designer to deploy a temporary dynamic VDB so the DDL can be constructed by Teiid Runtime and retrieved by Designer.  This is a fundamental piece of what Komodo was targeted to include.
      • See 8.1 What's New for details on new importer that uses this framework


    • MODE-1812 : Created a Modeshape DDL sequencer that can handle Teiid's specific DDL dialect. This was also a fundamental piece that was required to utilize a local/runtime Modeshape Repository underneath Designer.


    Object Editors Framework


    • Komodo editing framework will require a non-EMF business object as well as a relational-model-specific object editor framework. The work in 8.1 laid the groundwork for a set of object editor panels that can be utilized in a broader Komodo relational model (DDL) editor. This initial work shows up as New Child/New Sibling relational object wizards.