Version 12



    Does it set the svn user as the user who edited the page?

    Shotoku always works as one user. Why ? well, that's the way it works


    Can we fix this - +part of java stack trace+ ?

    I don't know


    Why are WC updates on production slow ?

    They aren't.


    Why are Shotoku updates on production slow ?

    Beacuse of the HTTP request header sometimes containing bad information


    Would fixing the headers speed up WC updates ?

    They are quick already.


    +maven all+ fails

    You are totally out of date. Try maven install.


    Is wiki on an another server ?

    No. It's the same portal instance.


    So does it have it's own login ?

    No... .


    But those are different domains ?!

    We use apache_mod_rewrite.