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    How to launch the JBoss AS 4.0.x in Eclipse 3.2



    This might be very helpful if you are trying to follow the Flash Movie How to work on the JBoss Seam booking demonstration application using JBoss IDE to run JBoss AS 4.0.x in Eclipse 3.2. This was my intention to write this wiki page, because the movie was made for Eclipse 3.1. Certainly, this works for everyone else too!








    You need to have these things installed and ready before you can start:



    • Java 1.5 (Java 5)

    • Eclipse 3.2

    • JBoss AS 4.0.x installed and runnable in your OS (at the time this document was build JBoss AS 4.0.4 was the last stable)

    • For JBoss Seam you need the EJB 3.0 extension for the AS as well





    Prepare Eclipse



    JBoss IDE 2.0.0Beta



    In Eclipse:



    • go to Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install...

    • choose Search for new features to install -> Press Next

    • click on New Remote Site... -> Enter the name "JBoss Eclipse IDE" in the field name and in the URL field

      • Note: We need to have the JBoss Eclipse IDE 2.0, at the moment this document was created 2.0 was in beta state, so we are getting it from the development branch, at the time 2.0 is stable you might can get it from

    • click Ok

    • install everything they offer by selecting the root entry.

    • click Next and follow the screens to install.

    • don't forget to restart Eclipse if necessary.





    Setting up the JBoss AS 4.0.x



    Once you prepared Eclipse 3.2 do the following steps:



    • select the Window Menu in Eclipse -> Show View -> Other.

    • expand Server and select JBoss Server View.

      • A new tab should open in the bottom part of your screen, marked JBoss Server View.

    • on the Server area, right mouse click to get a popup menu and select New -> Server.

    • select JBoss Inc -> JBoss v4.0 and click Next.

    • choose a unique identifier at the Name area (e.g. JBoss AS 4.0.4)

    • point the Home Directory to your JBoss AS directory in your local file system

    • set up the JRE to your Java 1.5 (Java 5) JVM

    • press Finish or Next to see what you can do with this wizard further, but dont add any projects though




    You should now got an entry on the JBoss Server View tab, called JBoss AS 4.0.4. You can start JBoss AS by right mouse clicking on the JBoss AS 4.0.4 row and selecting start.





    JBoss Seam



    As I mentioned before I wrote this wiki because I tried to run the JBoss AS in Eclipse 3.2 to do some Seam examples. I found at How to work on the JBoss Seam booking demonstration application using JBoss IDE the information I needed but it wasnt runnable in Eclipse 3.2.

    If you want to do the examples too. Stop the server rite now and follow the tutorial in the movie. It should work fine.

    Certainly, you need to do some other steps to start the server as in the movie.



    In case you have not downloaded Seam using CVS but rather downloaded binary distribution from download page you have to also do following step to get rid of compilation errors.

    • Use as source folder

      • Select the folder named debug,gen, ui and test/misc and Right mouse button->Build Path...->Use as Source Folder