Version 3

    If you try and run JDK1.3.x on Linux x86_64 (AMD64 or EM64T Intel hardware), you may run into the following error:

        Error: can't find


    This is not really a system problem, but a problem with the shell script wrappers used by the 1.3.x JDK, as mentioned here.  To get around this, you need to add the output of the 'uname -m' command (should be 'x86_64') to the following files:



    Change the following case statement from:

        case "`uname -m`" in
            i[3-6]86  | ia32 | ia64 | i?86)

    to the following:

        case "`uname -m`" in
            i[3-6]86  | ia32 | ia64 | i?86 | x86_64)


    This has been reated on RHEL4 with JDK 1.3.1_13.


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