Version 2


    From the beggining - proposed to go with list iteration component instead of multiple ones. The HTML lists looks very similar except being encoded by different HTML tags. All the other functionality like data definitions and other attributes - should be similar to 3.3.x considering base redesign of data iteration components.



    a4j:repeat should be used as base for that component. So the component should finally provide the same features of partial updates.


    Tags set

    So proposed to keep single tag <rich:list> which will allow to define any of the lists.


    List type


    The type of the list to be encoded should be defined using type attribute with values ordered | unordered | data.


    Component facets


    component facets should be the unified set from 3.3.x for all the components. If some facet - specific to some specific list - it should be ignored with warning for other types.