Version 1

    Tutorial 2: Mail Configuration

    Prerequisites: Complete Tutorial 1

    Mail Configuration

    1. Start server
      • Windows: .\standalone.bat
      • Linux: .\
    2. Navigate to admin panel patching (http://localhost:9990/console/App.html#patching)

    3. Go to Configuration panel
    4. In the Subsystem tab choose Mail and click Add
    5. In the pop up window put the following values - Name: Gmail (you can put any value you want) - JNDI: java:/jboss/mail/gmail (we are going to use this name later)

    6. View the new configuration and Add a new type

    7. In the pop up window put the following values - Socket-binding: mail-smtp - Type: smtp - Username: "Your@gmail account" - Password: Gmail password - SSL: enable

    8. Reload server
    9. Check the
    standalone.xml file in wildfly_directory\standalone\configuration\standalone.xml to see the changes

    10. Example of EJB project to send mail!