Version 39

    Plan for Mail Services


    schedule has been adjusted forward about two months in order to help us release M1 with all the features/stability we expect from a usable mail server.


    Note: Most of this has moved into JIRA: so this page may be out of date (except where is is easier to post here and link into jira)


    Old Milestones


    These are completed/released milestones JBossMailOldMilestones



    Milestone 3  (... progress)



    Milestone 4

    administration tools


    Milestone 5

    • Replacement for JavaMail

    • load testing/profiling/performance

    • More IMAP



    Milestone 6



    Milestone 7



    Release 1.0



    Post 1.0


    Post 1.0 should include Exchange protocol support, clustering, etc etc.