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    Welcome to JBoss Labs


    JBoss Labs is:


    • A Professional Open Source community where Professional Open Source programmers from around the world come to collaborate and create software for everyone.

    • The culmination of the efforts of developers (listed below as well as of all contributors to JEMS) to bring about a set of processes and infrastructure that enable the communication of ideas between open source developers and their community members.


    The Place To Be Is Our Wiki:


    • It is place where we create and document the processes for Professional Open Source development on JBoss Labs.

    • The main goal of Wiki is to provide an easy environment for POS communities quickly communicate concepts contained within their projects.


    Here is a an index of wiki pages to get you going on Labs:


    How to Use Your Labs Project







    JBoss Labs







    Chinese Wiki


    • This is the entry page for all the JBoss documentation translated in Chinese. This is maintained by Li Zhiyong. I hope more JBoss lover join the team.

    Japanese Wiki


    • This is the entry page for all the JBoss documentation translated in Japanese. This is maintained by the Japan JBUG.

    WebDAV CMS






    Labs Administration













    WIKI stuff









    JBoss Labs consists of:


    • A set of Processes that enable Professional Open Source software development.

    • An infrastructure, called JBoss Forge, on which these processes manifest.

    • A community of developers around the world contributing constantly.

    • A set of projects which utilize the processes and infrustructure of JBoss Labs.

    • A Professional Open Source standard by which we measure quality and service offerings.

    • And finally, a pathway for top-notch open source projects to enter the JEMS sofware suite--a symbol of Professional Open Source excellence and quality.




    This infrastructure is hosting several open source projects, and by the time you read this, there should be a few more.  The current projects hosted on forge can be found on the projects page.


    A good place to start would be with:


    What is JBoss Forge?


    JBoss Development Guide


    Administration On the JBoss Forge





    How to use this wiki