Version 6

    This document is to list the configuration required to secure the management APIs.  Some of these tasks may be taken care of within other tasks but this is a general overview.


    Overall Domain Management Security

    Currently no top level element to hold this although should probably be a child of some 'domain-management' element.


    Existing Configuration

    Currently the domain management configuration is limited to options to specify which management APIs to expose and for nodes where to locate the domain controller.


    Standalone Configuration

    For standalone servers the following can be defined within the standalone.xml :-


           <native-api interface="default" port="9999"/>
           <http-api interface="default" port="9990"/>


    i.e. At this stage the only configuration is to identify which APIs to expose publicly.


    Domain Configuration

    For domain deployments the following can be defined in the host.xml :-


            <native-api interface="public" port="9999"/>
            <http-api interface="public" port="9990"/>

    i.e. As before the APIs to expose can be defined on a host by host basis.


    The node which has the master domain controller can also have the following: -



    This is simple as the sole purpose is to indicate that this node manages the domain locally so does not need to work with any remote domain controller.


    If the node will use a remote domain controller it may have the following defined instead: -


            <remote host="" port="9999"/>

    This is defining a connection to the native-api of the node with the master domain controller.


    At this stage there is no centralised configuration for domain management.



    Future Requirements

    Authentication (Internal)

    The following document contains some information regarding the requirements for the back end authentication to the existing infrastructure: -

    Management API Security Authentication Mechanisms

    The following document then shows a couple of starting points to consider how configuration of the authentication could fit within the three descriptors: -

    Management API Security Possible Configuration Samples


    Host to Domain Controller Communication

    I am planning that the hosts are just another type of user when they connect to the domain controller, the following article explorers the options we will support with some initial ideas relating to the configuration.

    Management API Security Host to Domain Controller Security