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    The topic for the January 11th meeting at 7:00 pm will be:   "Managing and Monitoring JBoss Applications with RHQ & JBoss Operations Network".

    This meeting is open to all individuals interested in learning more about JBoss technology. Free parking is available.  While, this meeting is open to the public, all non-AEM Employees will be requested to sign in at the front door.

    In order to get an accurate headcount for refreshments, RSVPs are strongly encouraged.  Visit our meetup site at details and too register.



    • Welcome & Refreshments (7:00 pm - 7:15 pm) 
      • Announcements & Introductions
    • Managing and Monitoring JBoss Applications with RHQ & JBoss Operations Network (7:15 pm - 9:00 pm)
      • Alan Santos, Ian Springer, Red Hat
      • Steve Sturtevant, OC Systems


    End-user expectations for responsive application performance have never been higher. Users are expecting richer content to be deployed across the web with increasingly faster response-times. Insight into the performance of mission-critical systems is a critical but often neglected component of Enterprise IT. Organizations are failing to properly plan for, and address application performance as a critical aspect of every system design, and are paying the price in production.


    Managing your JBoss middleware environment doesn't have to be difficult. From getting an updated inventory of your current JBoss infrastructure, to managing the configurations of your various JBoss servers and applications, to handling ongoing upgrades and patches - JBoss Operations Network and its upstream project, RHQ, can address all of your JBoss management needs including support for monitoring base operating system information on six operating systems as well as management of Apache httpd, JBoss Application Server, Tomcat and other related projects. Composed by a pluggable framework, the enterprise management solutions provide administration, monitoring, alerting, operational control and configuration in an enterprise setting with fine-grained security and an advanced extension model.


    When combined with OC Systems' transaction monitoring and performance diagnostics product RTI v3.2 (, the performance management capabilities of JBoss ON v3.0 are greatly extended with deeper transaction based metrics and diagnostics, providing a solution for pro-actively managing application performance across the lifecycle and bridging the gaps between operations and development.



    Applied Engineering Management (AEM) Corporation

    14030 Thunderbolt Place, Suite 900

    Chantilly, Virginia 20151



    About the Speakers

    Steve Sturtevant, Product Manager for OC Systems, will present OC Systems RTI including its integration with JBoss Network v3.0.  Steve is an experienced software and performance engineer and speaks regularly on the topic of application performance management.



    Alan Santos - Senior Product Manager, Red Hat

    Alan Santos is a product manager for the JBoss division of Red Hat, responsible for middleware operations, administration and management. Alan has 15 years of experience using, building and promoting enterprise software. Prior to joining Red Hat, Alan was a senior product manager at Progress Software responsible for the DataXtend product line.



    Ian Springer – Principal Software Developer, JBoss Operations Network, Red Hat will cover RHQ, the open source project upon which JBoss Operations Network is built. Ian has been a developer on the JON team for six years. Prior to that, he spent seven years at Hewlett-Packard developing management and middleware software.