Version 12


    It keeps track of all deployed.war files in the deploy directory and displays them when you ask for it.

    1. Also supports email (see source code for details; sendMail code taken from Bill Burke's code (JBoss source code))

    2. Via the JMX console you can select JBossArtifactsOnly which will display (after Apply Changes) the deployed .war files build by JBoss Inc. only



    I created this MBean because sometimes you want to know which version you are using, and not all artifacts have a version number.


    This little MBean (my first MBean project) does exactly that.

    Perhaps it is usefull for you too.



    When the manifestinspector-1.0.sar (located in target directory of the attached file) is successfully deployed inside JBoss...





    Proceed Via the browser jmx-console









    via the console (requires a local installation of JBoss)



        $JBOSS_HOME/bin/twiddle invoke  "Inspector:service=ManifestInspector,type=XMBean" packageInfo



    To build it, use Maven 1.0.2



    Tested with

    1. J2SE 1.4

    2. J2SE 1.5

    3. JBoss 4.0.2