Manual installation of JBoss Tools 3.1.x on Eclipse 3.5 on GNU/Linux (64-bit)

Version 7

    If you want to use JBoss Tools 3.1.x on Eclipse 3.5 platform on 64-bit GNU/Linux distribution, you can find some obstacles comming from TPTP bugs like Eclipse bug 281721 and possibly some others which can interrupt your installation through p2 Installation manager. This article is ment for GNU/Linux 64-bit system but in general it works on the rest OSs platforms like 32-bit Linux, Win32 and MacOSX.


    These steps should bring you painless manual and flexible installation of full JBT 3.1.x running on Eclipse 3.5:


    1. Download these prerequisites for JBT 3.1.Mx installation:


    2. Assume you have installation structure like this

    • /opt/ide - forlder for eclipse
    • /opt/dropins - folder for other necessary bundles like (WTP,...)

    3. Unzip Eclipse 3.5 EE into /opt/ide

    • you should have structure this /opt/ide/eclipse/features, /opt/ide/eclipse/plugins


    4. Unzip bundles into /opt/dropins

    • you need to have structure like this:
      • /opt/dropins/wtp-sdk-3.1/eclipse/plugins
      • /opt/dropins/emf-runtime-2.5/eclipse/plugins
      • ...


      5. Create links in you eclipse dropins directory (/opt/ide/eclipse/dropins) like this:

      • ln -s /opt/dropins/wtp-sdk-3.1
      • ln -s /opt/dropins/emf-runtime-2.5
      • ...


      6. Run Eclipse ( with "-clean" parameter)


      7. Install full JBT 3.1.x (select way which suits you best)

      • p2 repository (remote or local)
      • dropins repository (same way as dependencies installation)


      8. After JBT installation and restart you should have working Eclipse 3.5 with JBT. Check the eclipse log, there should be no complains.


      Don't forget, p2 installation is recommended but dropins installation can be more flexible (almost if you want to try more versions at once) or  if p2 installation simply doesn't work.