Version 8

    OpenDS installation

    1. Install OpenDS from ( I use the zip distribution)

      1. After unzipping, run setup

        1. I use port 8389, use "password" as password and do not pre-populate with random user. Instead pick "import LDIF file" option and use modules/identity/identity/src/resources/examples/portal-sample.ldif.

      2. Once installation is done, run bin/start-ds to start the ldap server. Server should start without any problem.

      3. To verify that import of LDIF file was successful, you can use LDAP brower which you can download from

        1. Under Quick Connect, use host: localhost, port: 8389, Uncheck Anonymous Bind, User DN:cn=Directory Manager, password = password. Hit Connect

        2. You should be able to see users and roles mentioned in LDIF file.


    JBoss Portal Configuration


      1. Modify jboss-portal.sar/META-INF/jboss-service.xml so that identity service points to ldap_indentity-config.xml instead of identity-config.xml

      2. Change jboss-portal.sar/conf/identity/ldap_identity-config.xml to use correct port where ldap server is listening. It's 8389 in this case.


    Basic Testing

      1. Start JBoss Portal

      2. If portal starts clean and lets you log in as admin then it verifies that the setup is correct.

      3. Try modifying some property of any user through Identity Management Portlet such as email address. You should be able to see the change through LDAP browser on LDAP server as well.


    Non-Basic Testing

      1. Change ldap_identity-config.xml so that LDAPUserModuleImpl and LDAPRoleModuleImpl are used instead of their Ext counter parts.

      2. Restart the server.

      3. Through Identity Management Portlet, you should be able to create a new user, new role and see those reflected on LDAP server.