Version 9

    This maven plugin was created to help with integration between projects with buildmagic/ant builds and those with maven builds.  The plugin currently performs the generation of the thirdparty directory in the jboss app server build, and can also be used to deploy artifacts in the buildmagic format (with component-info.xml, etc) to the maven repository.  This should be helpful for the non-mavenized projects that want to get their stuff into the maven repo for consumption by the app server and other projects.


    The project site is located here:


    If you find things that are lacking in the plugin or in the site docs, a jira issue can be added to the JBBUILD project


    The source can be checked out from svn:

    svn co


    Using in JBossAS to build the thirdparty

    The maven-buildmagic-thirdparty-plugin is used in the thirdparty/pom.xml of the JBossAS 5 codebase.


    Creating the thirdparty contents


    Running the ant build (./ will automatically call the maven build to build the thirdparty directory.


    If you want to build just the thirdparty directory without running the whole build,

    from within the thirdparty directory, run:


    mvn package


    Creating the thirdparty contents with source

    From within the thirdparty directory, run:


    mvn -Pdownload-sources package


    Passing parameters through from build/

    From within the build directory you can do:


    ./ -Dthirdparty.maven.opts="-Pdownload-sources"


    This causes the following command to be run against the thirdparty/pom.xml:


    mvn -Pdownload-sources package


    So any maven options that you want to pass to the mavenized thirdparty can be passed through that property.