Maven Getting Started - Users

Version 2

    This page provides information for JBoss users to get started with using the JBoss Maven repositories.


    If you are new to Maven, you may want to first go to the Apache Maven site to learn the basics.  If you are already familiar with Maven, and want to learn how to use the JBoss Maven repositories in your builds, you are in the right place.


    Using the Repository Search Interface


    If you are looking for a particular artifact from a JBoss project, you can use the repository search interface ( ).  This is available to all users and does not require a login.

    Configuring Maven to use the JBoss Maven Repository

    In order for your build to use artifacts from the JBoss Maven repository, you will need to add the repository to your Maven settings.  The following snippet from shows what you need to include in settings.xml to use the JBoss repository.



              <name>JBoss Public Maven Repository Group</name>


    This will add the JBoss repository to a profile which will be active by default during your builds.  As long as the profile is active, your Maven build will be able to download dependencies from the JBoss repository.  If you want to deactivate this profile for a specific build (to avoid using the JBoss repository), this can be done using the standard Maven command line syntax for deactivating a profile.


    mvn -P-jboss-public-repository install


    Using JBoss Maven Plugins


    Several JBoss projects include Maven plugins.  Optionally, you can add configuration to your settings.xml which will allow Maven to use shorthand notation for jboss plugins.



        <!-- pluginGroup
         | Specifies a further group identifier to use for plugin lookup.
         | -->



    A complete example of settings.xml is also available ( Maven Settings Example - Users ).