Version 2



    All artifacts (dependencies) used by JBoss projects must be available in a repository under the control of  This means that all artifacts from the central Maven repository (repo1) need to be copied to a JBoss repository before a project is released.


    All projects should use artifacts/dependencies that are built from source by JBoss as much as possible.  These artifacts should be given a unique qualifier (-jboss) to distinguish them from upstream builds.  This is not a hard requirement for projects, but should be considered a best practice to facilitate productization.








    maven2_releases - Contains all project releases.  Also contains all rebuilt thirdparty artifacts that are used by JBoss projects.


    maven2_snapshots - Contains snapshot builds.  This repository should have an automatic process for removing out of date artifacts.  Possibly a scheduled job that removes all artifacts older than 6 months


    maven2_upstream - Contains all upstream (central Maven repo) dependencies


    maven2_archive - Contains artifacts that have been removed from the releases repository.  This should only include bad artifacts (corrupt files, things that were uploaded by mistake, etc).