Version 10

    This page documents the requirements for the server configuration in which to set up a maven repository manager.  The purpose of the repository manager is described in MavenRepositoryInfrastructure.  An equivalent test environment is also needed in order to gather the full requirements and create documentation for the production environment.




    The requirements for this server are as follows:

    • The environment should consist of a single linux server (either physical or virtual).
    • It should have a minimum of 500 GB of disk space available.
    • At least  2 GB of RAM.
    • (test environment only) The server should be accessible via ssh from any location on the VPN.
    • (test environment only) The server should allow ssh access for all team members who will be participating in this testing.  This can be given on an as needed basis.
    • The server should have access to the internet in order to download files from any public maven repositories, for example the central maven repo.
    • The server should allow both uploads and downloads via an http port (possibly port 80) from any location on the VPN.
    • The test environment should be available for at least 1 year, or until the production environment is ready.
    • The server should be able to validate login credentials against the user database.  This would be very useful, but is not absolutely required (Note: this is required long term, but not required for the initial setup).



    Simple Diagram of the Repository Manager