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    What is it?

    The Metajizer is a Metadata maintenance tool. It comes in the form of a Firefox Sidebar that loads whenever you click a corresponding bookmark link. In this sidebar, you'll always see the metadata associated with the page of Content you're currently browsing in the main window. Also, you can attach new or delete existing metadata.


    What can it do?

    20-second description

    • Using it, you can quickly and easily "certify" or "rate" Content: You just browse to the page you want to certify or rate, and then select the corresponding drop-down entry from the Sidebar. Now this rating and certification information can be used e.g. for filtering or special display in google searches.

    • Additionally, you can use it to classify content to categories (like "reference material" or "Hibernate") or attach keywords (think These classifications can be used for dynamic Aggregation later, as in this wiki page aggregating links on mod_jk.

    In more detail:

    Tagging pages

    We'll call the process of attaching metadata to a page "Tagging".

    Here we rate a page as excellent by tagging it with the appropriate tag:



    Note that a Tag consists of an Attribute (here: Rating) and a Value (here: x-x-x-x-x).

    In the same way we mark it as belonging to "Product" "Mod_jk" and having the "Format" "Article".

    The corresponding Tags are immediately shown in the Sidebar, along with the information who tagged it at what time, as well as an "X" to remove the tag.

    Whenever the page is loaded in the main window, the sidebar will display these tags.



    For more on tagging in the page SimpleTagging

    Aggregating pages

    In this example, we aggregate pages tagged as Product Mod_jk. First we group by the attribute "Format", listing articles, FAQs, reference material and sourcecode. Then we list just the 10 pages most recently tagged as Product Mod_jk:



    For more information on aggregating pages into the wiki, see AggregatingIntoTheWiki

    Navigation by Metadata

    The Attributes (like "Product") and Values (like "Mod_jk") in the Sidebar are links. Clicking on it, we can browse the available Tags as well as the pages that are tagged with them:


    Clicking on "Product" shows a list of products that pages are tagged as.



    Clicking on "Mod_jk" shows the pages tagged as Mod_jk.


    For more on navigating by metadata, see BrowsingTheOntology


    Searching pages

    We can e.g. restrict searches on the Google Search Appliance using the Tags set by the metajizer Sidebar. For example, a search for "sticky sessions", restricted on pages with tags "Product":"Mod_jk" and "Format":"article" leads to this result:



    For more information, check out FiltersAndSearches



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