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    This page contains some notes for project considering migrating to Git.


    Some projects that migrated to Git

    JBoss JavaEE Specs Git Migration



    Notes for projects thinking of migrating to Git.


    Step 1 - Check with the proejct teams whether we can handle the move

    • We would prefer that projects that want to migrate, migrate on a major revision. This will usually have the least impact on other projects/products.
    • Timing of the move must be coordinated with the products, to ensure that there is no disruption to release schedules.
    • Project branches that are nearing the end of their support are best left in svn. The location of the others should be negotiated with the relevant  teams.

    Step 2 - maintain all tags, branches and history

    • Github is the preferred location for new Git repositories.
    • Make sure you have all your id's in github before migrating as this will give you a cleaner migration.
    • The projects are responsible for migrating all tags, branches and history
    •  has tended to give more successful results than git-svn