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    In the times of economic slow down, IT organizations are  facing the challenge of producing a high quality solution with lower Total Cost of Ownership.With growing recognition that open source software provides quality & stable solution, migrations of existing Enterprise application to Application Server like JBoss have become increasingly popular.


    Recently at Xebia India we successfully migrated an application JMSConsole from WebLogic 8.1.4 to JBoss 5.1. That was a interesting task, because we went through the process of migrating an old application to JBoss. JMSConsole application was developed on legacy WebLogic server, this presented the opportunity to do some environment cleaning and leverage the newer features of Java.


    Migration Strategy


    The following planning steps create a solid foundation for understanding the full scope of the migration effort.

    • Identify Hardware, Operating System & Software Specification.
    • Perform a thorough application review to identify the code or configuration incompatibilities that will require modification during migration.
    • Perform a review of all build and deployment processes to identify any, that have direct coupling to the current application server environment.


    Migration Backlog


    The following resources were migrated to JBoss specific


    • Datasource Connection & Pooling
    • JMS Queues and Connection Factories
    • JNDI Properties
    • Deployment descriptors
    • Security


    The detials of migration strategy ,backlogs, finding & workarounds are available