Version 9

    Initial Phase

    The initial phase of the migration tools project will be the kick-off toward development of a more complete tool.



    • Migration sources will include Web Logic 7 and JBoss 4

    • Migration will not be completely automated

    • Migration will require source code in J2EE format (exploded ear/war/etc)

    • Additional, proprietary deployment descriptors may be identified at runtime

    • The focus of this phase will focus on generating deployment descriptor .xml files and 'identifying' those things which require change in a migration project.


    Design Problems and Ideas Described

    Problem: JBoss Descriptors may contain data that comes from 0-n original sources.  In the case where there is no direct original source, user input is required.  In the case where there is more than 1 original source, creating easily created and identified transforms become considerably more complex and problematic. 


    Solution: The first goal of this project should include the creation of an uber-xml containing all of the relevant data from the original source in a single location.  This will greatly simplfy the process and provide a single source final checklist for migrators to verify completeness.  Such an xml should be created by a generic enough tool that creation of new flavors for new platforms/versions can be created simply.  Reviewing available data indicates that this file should be of very manageable size.


    see UberXMLBuilder