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    The MirrorService is similar in purpose to the FarmMembershipService that is utilized in the all server configuration with the exception that no deployment happens as files are moved throughout the cluster.  This means that the service is left with only the file transfer functionality so that any directory on the local machine can be mirrored throughout the cluster much like any other mirroring software out there with the exception that mirroring happens "on update" and not on a scheduled basis.




    • 4.x

    • JDK 1.4/5.0


    Source/Binary Download


    The source/binary distribution is attached to this wiki page and can be downloaded based on revision history below.


    Revision History

  The seriously alpha release.  Do not use unless you know what you are doing.




    The download comes with a precompiled version of the MirrorService.  To build it on your own, use the provided build.xml Ant project file to build the MirrorService.  The default target will build the required mirrorservice.jar.




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    Place the lib/logging-monitor.jar file in the lib directory of your JBoss server configuration, and write your customized -service.xml file to your server configuration's deploy directory.  Multiple -service.xml files can be deployed simultaneously utilizing this MBean.  Examples of various -service.xml files can be found in the deploy subdirectory of the source/binary download.


    Service XML File Format


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    The MirrorService MBean's configuration file format is the same as most JBoss MBean services.  Its DTD is specified here.


    The following is a description of the attributes that can be specified:



    The name of the file to which monitoring information will be logged.  This attribute can not be set to null or be empty.




    Questions regarding the use of the MirrorService should be directed to the Management, JMX/JBoss user forum.