Version 1

    General licencing rules

    1. Mobicents source code is distributed under LGPL v2.1 licence
    2. Every Mobicents java file belonging into org.mobicents.* package must have a common licence header format 

    How do I ensure all my sources contains licencing headers ?

    Since mobicent-parent 2.18-SNAPSHOT






    there is used maven-licence-plugin to check for licence header presence in the *.java files. Goal “check” is used within this plugin, which will check for the missing or improper source code licence headers and will cause build failure given the list of java files missing licence headers.  

    How do I fix all my sources not containing licencing headers ?

    1. Check out mobicents-parent SNAPSHOT and change the maven-licence-plugin goal from “check” into “format”.
    2. Build mobicents-parent locally (updated parent pom.xml will be placed in your local repository)
    3. Build  your mobicents-parent dependant project
    4. All sources missing licence header were updated and licence header was places on the top of them.
    5. Commit all changes for updated java licence headers