Version 12

    The current compares the wiki protocol and the RFC from



    • In The RFC 6 described commands (Missing DUMP and STATUS) while the wiki has 8 commands and 3 responses described.


    • In the RFC the commands apply on a Server-Resource which is a generic description of mod_cluster elements in the wiki description each command apply on a completely defined element or on list of element of the same kind.


    • The RFC describes the objects used by mod_cluster.


    • The wiki describes the messages exchanged between Apache httpd mod_cluster and ModClusterService.


    As the configuration is mostly received in Apache httpd from the ModClusterService. The objects of the RFC should correspond to the protocol elements described in the wiki.



    Objects of mod_cluster

    The object are largely described in the RFC



    A server is a Apache httpd where mod_cluster is installed.

    Some of the element in the RFC document don't make sense:


    General parameters

    Mostly the information given by the httpd server-status handler.

    • ConfigurationFile: Normal Apache httpd uses multiple files for it configuration.

    • CurrentConfiguration: That is the ConfigurationFile name... Apache httpd is started by apachectl on Unix changing configuration means editing the file. Doesn't make sense.


    Client Connection Information

    That is the client part of the httpd server-status handler information.



    That is the virtual host description in Apache httpd. I think that information is confusing because mod_cluster should be able to use the virtual hosts from AS configuration and ignore the Apache httpd ones.



    That is the Context that have to be mapped to AS by mod_cluster. The RFC describes some static information that aren't in the wiki but that is only a nice to have feature as we could use SetHandler balancer-manager



    That is the balancer as in mod_proxy. That corresponds to the "routing directives:" of ModCluster_node_confhttp//

    The mean difference is that StickySessionCookie and StickySessionPath are described in one parameter in Mod-Cluster_node_conf (the '|' is the separator).

    A parameter is in the RFC and not in the wiki:

    • StickySessionRemove: It doesn't make sense.



    That is mod_proxy member of the balancer it describes a node of a cluster.

    A parameter is in the RFC and not in the wiki:

    • Distance: It doesn't make sense. The LoadFactor information should provide us what we need.

    • Activation: It doesn't make sense. 0 and negative value of the LoadFactor should do the work and are dynamic.


    Statistical data

    That is static informations from the members (nodes) and balancers.

    That a nice to have feature and the information is already provided by the SetHandler balancer-manager of mod_proxy in html presentation.

    The html presentation could be used both by a administrator as well an html parser to have it another way on side.


    Protocol element of described in the wiki.

    See Mod-Cluster_node_conf and Mod-Cluster_Management_Protocol