Version 3

    Hello, All!


    Having the 4.0.0.Final out, we could finally make project development even more easier and pretty attractive for you, contributors, by moving it to the GitHub repository!


    The workflow behind the Git development gives you much more freedom to develop locally and pull your patches directly into the codebase using GitHub's web interface.



    Respotories Structure


    Here is my proposal, how should look structure of the repositories on the RichFaces GitHub repository:





    Repositories Details


    From the point of view of contributor, richfaces-sandbox and richfaces-playground are the most interesting.


    Sandbox is the place where can independent contributors share their development efforts and contribute results in form of new components, after that they can be reviewed by RichFaces team (developers and QA) and finally contributed to the rest of the component suite.



    Also Playground will be great to checkout since we would like to prepare there project with business model where everyone can prototype pages without the need to reinvent wheel and building complex object structures again and again. It will made sandbox-prototyping and reproducing issues more easier than ever. Watch RichFaces Development space on this topic!




    Distribution repository is start and finish of the framework build since it will contain BOM (Bill-of-Metarials) and richfaces-distribution module (assembler).


    Build is source of the build dependencies and settings (including setup of IDE).


    All the components is concentrated in one repository including components' core and common modules. That gives developers posibility to refactor project in scope of one repository but still staying separated from framework stuff in richfaces-core.


    You can also see that QA has separated repository (forked from tests module in SVN) - this satisfy that development of the functional and integration tests will be separated from framework development and gives QA developers sandbox for writing stable samples and tests (like Metamer).


    Design mockups will be moved directly into components repository.



    Author Names


    I would also like to ask any authors which have directly committed changes into SVN into 4.x to provide their author names.



    Migration Process


    We plan to move only complete history of 4.x branches - rest of the project including 3.3.x will stay in SVN repository.


    In first phase, only framework modules will be moved to repository and also qa repository will be created as QA needs to restructure test modules.


    Before the migration, we will inform you about locking the SVN repository to satisfy that no changes will go into repository during migration process.

    After moving the modules from SVN to Git repositories, we will also need to change the build process on the Hudson.