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    Sometimes you want to run multiple Wiki instances, for example one for each project you're managing.  The projects have different members and different requirements; perhaps even different access rules. 


    Here's how you set up multiple wiki-instances:


    Let us say that your main wiki instance is called GobbleWiki, because your company is called "Gobble Inc", and this is your intranet.  You are using Tomcat, and you have installed it in /opt/tomcat.  You have already set up the GobbleWiki directory, and customized your


    Now, you have a new project called "Zorp", and you want to establish a "ZorpWiki" for it.  Do as follows:


    Put the following in the /opt/tomcat/conf/server.xml file, within your




         <Context path="/ZorpWiki" docBase="GobbleWiki.war" debug="0">
              <Parameter name="jspwiki.propertyfile" value="/opt/tomcat/conf/"


    Take a copy of the GobbleWiki/WEB-INF/ -file, and put it in /opt/tomcat/conf/  Then edit it at will.  You definitely want to change the following properties (at least):


    • jspwiki.applicationName

    • jspwiki.fileSystemProvider.pageDir (or whichever provider you're using)

    • jspwiki.basicAttachmentProvider.storageDir (or whichever provider you're using)

    • jspwiki.baseURL

    • log4j.appender.FileLog.File (if you're using log4j file logger)


    Restart Tomcat.


    Upgrading to new version of JSPWiki


    Just drop the new "JSPWiki.war" into place as "GobbleWiki.war".  The ZorpWiki should then be automatically able to pick it up.




    Many people do not consider running 10 different wikis for 10 different projects to be a very smart thing to do.  Part of the idea of a wiki is to find those integration points between project information.  Some of the downsides (but not all) can be mitigated with interwiki linking.  If you absolutely need 10 different wikis it is probably symptomatic of StovePipeDevelopment in your organization.



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