Narayana Transactions Troubleshooting Guide (draft)

Version 1

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    Table of contents



    • Frequently Asked Questions:
      • How do a I debug a timed out transaction?
      • What solutions and actions (if it applies) are possible for indoubt/heuristic transactions:
        • Suggest options for the resource managers iin the transaction
        • What do I do if I get a heuristic result?
      • Am I allowed to migrate logs to a new server and if so how ?
      • Why is my JTS transaction not propagated?
        • EJBHome
      • Why is performance slower for JTS
      • WS-BA Participant-Completion Race Condition:
      • How other threads can complete my XAResource/Synchronization
        • Reference spec
        • Distributed JTA _and_ JTS
      • How to toggle JTS in EAP/wildfly
      • How to enable XTS on EAP:
      • What does xaAssumeRecoveryComplete mean
        • Relates to No xaresourcerecovery and none-JBTM-860 compatible resources
      • How do I select an appropriate object store:- db, file versus journal (tradeoffs, tuning, difference in failure scenarios
      • What is the difference between BusinessAgreementWithParticipantCompletion and BusinessAgreementWithCoordinatorCompletion.
      • How does WS-AT usage differ between EAP 6 and EAP 7:
        • On EAP 6 WS-AT and TXBridge handlers have to be configured manually.
        • On EAP 7 this is done automatically by WSTXFeature and JTAOverWSATFeature.
      • What is an expired transactions and can I clean them up automatically?
      • How do I find what transactions and the resource managers within them are running in Narayana
        • jboss-cli commands
      • What should I provide when reporting issues:
        • Providing the necessary information
        • EAP version
        • JAVA version
        • OS
        • Processor
        • Virtualized?
        • Storage medium
        • Reproducible test case
        • Configuration
        • Log files
        • Others