Newcastle JBUG First Meeting

Version 1

    We are creating a Jboss users group which will be holding meetings on the evening of the second Tuesday in every month. The First meeting will be on Tue Feb 8th 2011 Starting at 6PM. The Venue will be  room 2.20 in the  Beehive which is based in the old library building at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne (Map and detailed directions to follow).


    The intention is the Agenda for future meetings will be driven by what the menbers interests are and will include talks, chances to meet the project members, technical deep dives and hackathons to allow you to get the most out of the Jboss projects. If you are an experienced user of Jboss or just wondering what open source is and how to get involved, there is a place for you in the JBUG.


    The first couple of sessions have been pre planned and the Agenda for the first is included here, more details will appear about directions etc. shortly.



    Newcastle JBUG First Meeting 


    Venue - Room 2.20, Beehive, Old Library building, University of Newcastle upon Tyne

    Date and Time  6PM Tuesday 8th February

    Start 6PM
    Introduction to the JBUG

    Main Talk - Jonathan Halliday - Jboss Transactions lead developer

    The JBoss project portfolio      

    From humble beginnings with a single project focus, JBoss   Application Server, the JBoss organization has grown to encompass     dozens of open source projects. In this inaugural session of the  Newcastle JBoss User Group, we'll give an overview of the project     portfolio. From popular stalwarts to hidden gems, we showcase the  best of JBoss technology. With an emphasis on recent and upcoming releases, it's an opportunity to update your JBoss knowledge and   select the best bits for use in your next project.      

    Jonathan Halliday has been a JBoss Core Developer for over four years, most recently leading the JBoss Transactions development   team. Previous speaking engagements include the Jazoon and JavaOne  conferences.

    General discussion about what people want from the group, topics they would like to hear etc.


    Announce agenda for the March meeting




    Break up about 8:30.