Version 5

    HowTo configure DukeBank to work in Cluster environment


    1.     Configure MySql Server

    •      Open MySql command line and run the following command

    •      CREATE DATABASE jboss;

    •      For each machine that will be in the cluster run the following command: GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON jboss. to jboss@<AppServerName> IDENTIFIED BY 'password';

    •      Open MySql Query Browser and select File -> Open Script -> MySql_bank.sql and execute the script.


    2.     Configure Jboss 4.0.2

    •      Install Jboss 4.0.2.

    •      Configure run.bat: Add set MYSQL_DRIVER=<PathToMySqlDriver>


    •      Remove hsqldb-ds.xml, snmp-adaptor.sar and deploy-hasingleton-service.xml from deploy directory of configuration all.


    3.      Prepare the DukeBAnk sources

    •      Cluster_DukeBank_src.rar.

    •      Configure startguide40\

    •      Copy the axis.jar to the Jboss4.02\server\all\lib.


    4.     Compile DukeBank

    •      Use IDEA and open startguide40\clustering\ ClusterDukeBank.ipr

    •      Double click on update-source.

    •      Double click on update-jboss.

    •      Open startguide40\examples\bank\ DukeBanl.ipr.

    •      Start to from compile until deploy skipping the run-ws.

    •      In the jboss all/deploy you will find the new JbossDukeBank application.