Version 6

    This is a broken procedure and should not be followed. JDBC drivers go to lib, not the CLASSPATH


    Knowledge Base for the Jboss Release Notes


    1.     JDBC Driver should not be in one of the server's lib directory.

    In order to record jdbc need to do the following:

      •      Create folder <drive>:\drivers.

      •      Under that folder create folder for each db type (i.e. mssql,oracle etc.).

      •      Copy the driver jars to there designated folder.

      •      Create variable in run.bat/sh MSSQL_DRIVER=<pathtomssql>\jars.

      •      Add to Application server classpath the driver jars full path and name for each.

      •      Restart Jboss.


    2.     AppSight doesn't support min configuration (no http server).


    3.     The resolution for the cluster-service.xml does not deploy on AIX is to add to JAVA_OPTS the following line


    4.     When installing bbx on one of the servers in cluster environment the bbx will be installed on all of the servers i.e. after installing bbx on one of the nodes restart all of them.



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