Version 2

    We're currently working on the next version of the management console. continues with the column based navigation which was introduced in WildFly 9. It's also still written in Java and based on GWT. However most parts of the console have been rewritten for several reasons:


    • Make use of new features in Java 8 and GWT 2.8 and prepare for GWT 3.0
    • Introduce new features which were not possible with the old architecture (keyboard navigation, bookmarks, macro recording, ...)
    • Adopt PatternFly
    • Cleanup codebase (remove deprecated and unused code)


    For more details about the motivation and the complete list of new features see the README.


    Request for Feedback

    Development is still ongoing and we plan to replace the existing console with in WildFly 11 earliest. We have now reached a milestone where it makes sense to get feedback from a bigger audience. That's why we like to invite everyone to take a look at the new console. Suggestions, ideas, comments and bug reports are welcome. Please use GitHub issues to file issues and discuss enhancements.


    To get started, please follow the README. The easiest way is probably to use the docker image hpehl/hal-next. It contains the latest WildFly 11 build with as management console.