Version 2

    I generate *.bpmn in eclipse, config name, parameter, add User/Roles into Jboss/standalone/configuration. I already generate *.PNG for process and *.ftl for all Human Task. Everything work fine except I get "No diagram associated with process".


    What did I do:

    - I put my *.bpmn to {jbpm-installer}/sample/.../resource/*.bpmn like the Evaluation.bpmn.

    - I already put the *.jar file with all ftl files and one image (PNG file) into jbpm-gwt-console-server.war/WEB-INF/lib. The jar file don't have *.bpmn, java files, only ftl, png and some project information include.


    What I get:

    - I get the new Process in the List. I can create new, All Human Task, Forms, GroupId, UserId and Claim, View ... actions working.

    - But I can get the Diagram.


    I create the PNG like {processId}-image.PNG. Look into all the process and no other prorcess has the same name, only same "com.sample.bpmn.". I try to restart (stop - start) demo.db again and again, althought restart my PC but no more luck. I already try with a new jBPM Project. Please look at my ZIP file and help me. Thanks.


    PS: I hate the web-designer in jBPM5.4 because I can't edit my form in it.