Version 5

    Non-critical path tasks


    These are things that are non-critical for the next Milestone or are small tasks on the way to Milestone.  Some folks have trouble getting started because they need to get their fingers dirty to learn.  Open source projects rarely give guidence in this manner.  We do though :


    1. Nail �conversational logging� in POP.  (see wiki status page: (actually should be done for M1)


    1. Research MailServices2.0Security enough to give feedback on it

    2. Fill out Unit tests where you find them lacking (should be done for M1)

    3. Interactive build that configures your jboss-service.xml file for you (be nice for M1)

    4. fix the issue with Verify Identity which requires your domain be the servername (because of a disconnect with MailListener - related to 2) -- we need at least a temporary solution for M1.

    5. Make TLS available in POP - DONE

    6. Refactor TLS support to use a common keystore with JBossSX - DONE

    7. Stub out IMAP support

    8. There are places in POP that say "should be refactored to use a common implementation" -- fix that

    9. go through the SMTP and POP spec with a fine tooth comb and figure out where we're not following it right. (unit test that)