Version 9

    The OSGi Alliance ( is a non-profit Standards Development Organisation (SDO) aimed at developing specifications to work with the OSGi Framework and other modular systems. Currently the specifications all relate to use in Java, but other language bindings are planned.


    There are currently 3 active Expert Groups:

    • The Enterprise Expert Group (EEG) - aimed at defining specifications for enterprise use, including the integration with JavaEE technology.
    • The Core Platform Expert Group (CPEG) - aimed at defining the core OSGi Framework.
    • The Residential Expert Group (REG) - aimed at embedded devices, which include, but are not limited to, residential gateways, building automation gateways, white goods, consumer electronics, etc.


    There is also an OSGi Cloud Working Group, for more information see here:


    Finalized documents created with JBoss/Red Hat involvement:

    • RFP 133 OSGi and Cloud Computing (EEG): Mark Little/David Bosschaert
    • Enterprise OSGi R5 Repository specification. Reference Implementation at JBoss (Thomas Diesler), Conformance Tests (David Bosschaert)
    • Enterprise OSGi R5 ServiceLoader Mediator specification. Spec lead: David Bosschaert. Reference Implementation at Apache Aries (David Bosschaert)
    • Enterprise OSGi R5 OSGi/JMX specification. Maintenance spec lead: David Bosschaert. Reference Implementation at Apache Aries (David Bosschaert)


    Current JBoss/Red Hat Involvement:

    • EEG: David Bosschaert (co-chair), Thomas Diesler
    • CPEG: Thomas Diesler, David Bosschaert
    • Board of Directors: Mark Little, David Bosschaert
    • RFC 146 OSGi/JCA (EEG): Jesper Pedersen (spec lead)
    • RFC 183 OSGi Cloud Ecosystems (EEG): David Bosschaert (spec lead)
    • RFC 187 Complex Repository Requirements (EEG): David Bosschaert (spec lead)
    • RFC 193 OSGi/CDI (EEG): lead by Red Hat, SERLI and Luminis