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    Integrating Oracle AQ into JBoss


    There are several ways to integrate Oracle AQ into JBoss.  Since Oracle AQ uses the special Oracle JDBC adapter to send messages back and forth, it is possible to actually generate your own link using jdbc stored procedures.  I would not do this if I wer you.  There are several ways to integrate.  I'll hopefully add more.  This would be very easy if Oracle distributed a rar with their messaging system, but for unknown reasons, they don't have one. 


    I will say up front that while there are many ways to do this, the most supported way is through a JCA 1.5 adapter. This allows the adapter to do all of the work.


    1. Build your own JCA 1.5 adapter from Oracle Jars


    This method will show you how to build your own adapter from the Oracle Jars.  These classes are what Oracle uses in OC4J in order to connect to JMS.  While the classes and jars are all there, they just don't put them together conveniently in a jar.

    This task is yet to be done, but all the instructions are in Olof's blog


    2. Use the Sun Adapter


    There is a generic adapter that supports oracle AQ from glashfish.  Instructions are in here on how to deploy it.  Keep in mind that the adapter downloaded from this link does not support XA transactions.



    3. Use JBoss SOA


    SOA or ESB has built in support for Oracle AQ.  The link will explain how to configure support for Oracle AQ.


    4. Use the old non-JCA solution(not really supported well)


    This was the solution prior to the JCA 1.5 spec.