Version 5

    Overlord CDL branch.


    Examples scenario description:



    Broker example.  ($overlord/cdl/samples/jbossesb/broker)



    The flow for this example would be:



    • Users send an 'enquiry' request to broker


    • Broker sends the request to one or more suppliers concurrently


    • When all of the quote responses have been received, or a timeout expires, the available information is returned to the user.


    • User decides whether to:

      • Cancel the transaction, or

      • Send a 'buy' request to the broker

    • If a 'buy' request is received by the broker, it will send a 'credit check' request to the credit agency

    • If the credit agency returns a successful message, then the Broker sends a 'buy' request to the supplier selected by the User (in the 'buy' request), followed by a confirmation back to the User


    • If the credit agency returns a failed message, then the Broker will inform the User