Version 7

    All the descriptors should be located in <portal-name>/members




    Here should be listed all project ids, that are to be available in the portal.



       <project (attributes ...)>id1</project>


    Attributes can be:


    • level=<level-id> - this attribute is required, if not set, the project will not be visible in navigation. This defines the level, or group of projects, to which this project belongs. Levels are defined in levels.xml.

    • info-page=<address> - this should be set if a project should have a custom info page, instead of the standard one. The address should point ot a freezone page (so a page in members/<project-id>/freezone, without any directory paths, so for example, just index.html.


    categories.xml, jems.xml, services.xml:


    These three descriptors all have a similiar structure and function. In all of them you can define ids, which can be later referenced from a project descriptor. To each id you must provide a name, which will be displayed on the page, and an optional description. Without much surprise, in categories.xml you define the available categories, in jems.xml - with which jems components projects can declare to integrate with, and in services.xml you can list the services that projects can provide.








    Here you can list the pages which projects can have. Each page should have an id and a name (the structure is the same as in categories, with the top-level elements: pages and page, respectively; you can ommit the description tag). Each page should have a corresponding project-aware page portal. Example pages are: downloads; blog; wiki.





    Here you define available project levels. Each level is a "group" of projects, that can be visible as a separate part in the navigation menu. Each level has an id, which is used as a reference to this level, and a display name, which is visible in the navigation. The level ids are referenced in: projects.xml to define which project belongs to which level, and in ../navigation/navigation.xml to display menus in the proper place.