Version 9

    @Path and regular expressions


    The @Path annotation is not limited to simple path expressions.  You also have the ability to insert regular expressions into @Path's value.  For example:


    public class MyResource {
       public String get() {...}


    The following GETs will route to the getResource() method:


    GET /resources/stuff
    GET /resources/foo/stuff
    GET /resources/on/and/on/stuff


    The format of the expression is:


    "{" variable-name [ ":" regular-expression ] "}"


    The regular-expression part is optional.  When the expression is not provided, it defaults to a wildcard matching of one particular segment.  In regular-expression terms, the expression defaults to



    For example:




    will match these:


    GET /resources/foo/stuff
    GET /resources/bar/stuff


    but will not match:


    GET /resources/a/bunch/of/stuff