Version 5

    Performance Tuning the JBoss Application Server on Linux


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    When do you consider performance tuning?  Performance tuning needs to be considered at all phases of the development cycle &150; from Design right through to Deployment.


    Set performance goals that need to be achieved before moving to production (e.g. Concurrency, QoS etc).


    Have specific goals - such as xyz() must return within 2.5 seconds.


    Ensure that goals can be tested, for example build unit tests, load testing scripts and logging in to your project design.


    Follow a Design, Develop, Tune development process until all of your goals have been achieved.


    Design for Performance!  Think about caching, network topology, do you need separate layers (e.g. EJB and Servlet/JSP) etc etc.  More layers != More Security.


    Choose your hardware!  No hard and fast rules &150; guidance for large systems = 64 bit Hardware, OS & JVM &150; small & medium systems &150; 32 bit Hardware, OS & JVM.


    Java - Use synchronization only when needed!  Avoid using multiple connections.  Use collections correctly.  Avoid i/o where possible.  Databases need to reflect application usage.


    RHEL/Linux Hints &150; upgrade to kernel 2.6 &150; NPTL introduced in to the kernel.  Raise Max file handles.  Raise user limit.  You may need to tweak network buffers etc.  Use big memory pages &150; 64 bit systems can cope with 4GB heaps.


    JVM &150; understand how garbage collection works with your JVM.  Use 1.4.2 or later &150; huge performance gains with JDK5.  Concurrent or Parallel GC.  Consider using fixed heap sizes.  Increase the maximum perm space.  Tune the Java stack from �MB per thread to something lower! See SPECjAppServer2002 for examples.


    Databases &150; Use RAID 0+1.  Use 'hdparm' to tune disk performance.  Prefer MVCC engines.  Beware of bad JDBC drivers, BLOB support and shared memory mgmt.


    JBossAS &150; remove unused services.  Disable hypersonic.  Tune RMI DGC if using < JBossAS 4.0.4.  Tweak logging and deployment scanner settings.  Ask do you really need clustering?  Tune connection pooling sizes and when to use connection verifiers.


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