PicketBox Overview

Version 7

    What is PicketBox?

    PicketBox (formerly JBoss Security) is a security framework for Java Applications.


    The features available are:

    1. Authentication
    2. Authorization/Access Control
    3. Auditing
    4. Mapping (Principal/Roles/Attribute)


    The advantage is a simple framework with a single configuration file to handle.


    Environment Needed

    PicketBox should run in a regular J2SE (Java JRE) environment. Of course, some dependencies are needed.


    Download Releases

    The Project will have a beta release for you to try out. (Feb 5 - 9, 2010 timeframe)

    Relationship between PicketBox and PicketLink

    • PicketBox is the foundational security framework that provides the authentication, authorization, audit and mapping capabilities to Java applications.
    • PicketLink (formerly, JBoss Identity) builds on PicketBox foundation and provides an identity model, federated identity support (SAML, WS-Trust, OpenID), Authz(access control developer api), Negotiation (SPNego/Kerberos based desktop SSO).


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