PicketLink 1.0.3.final

PicketLink 1.0.3.final

Planned Date: June 3, 2010

Actual Date: June 4, 2010


Where to get the release?

Please get it from the downloads section of Project PicketLink.



Components Included:

  • PicketLink Federation v1.0.3.final
  • PicketLink IDM v1.1.5.CR01


Release Notes:

Federated Identity:

Release Notes for PicketLink Federated Identity  
Includes versions:       PLFED_1.0.3.CR3      PLFED_1.0.3.CR1      PLFED_1.0.3.CR2      PLFED_1.0.3.final      PLFED_1.0.3.CR4 

** Feature Request          
     *  [ PLFED-61 ]Create EJB3 client interceptor to automatically request a token before invoking EJBs on JBoss               
     *  [ PLFED-64 ]Refactor STSType parsing and persist to WSTrustUtil               
     *  [ PLFED-65 ]PicketLinkSTS should look in the local file system for picketlink-sts.xml               
     *  [ PLFED-67 ]IMetadataConfigurationStore -> bootstrap() and cleanup() method               
     *  [ PLFED-69 ]Rename SamlPrincipal to SeamSamlPrincipal               
     *  [ PLFED-73 ]PicketLink Federation Configuration: provide a password masking feature               
     *  [ PLFED-75 ]Add failover to WSTrustClient               
     *  [ PLFED-78 ]Store canceled token ids in database               

** Bug          
     *  [ PLFED-59 ]IDPWebBrowserValve in GLO should consider the binding of the participant               
     *  [ PLFED-60 ]STSClient and WSTrustJAXBFactory incorrectly assume all Sources to be instances of DOMSource               
     *  [ PLFED-63 ]WSTrust Namespace in WSTrustConstants is wrong               
     *  [ PLFED-66 ]Metadata war has picketlink-idfed.xml with the wrong FQN for metadata provider               
     *  [ PLFED-68 ]ExternalAuthenticator throws NPE in redirect               
     *  [ PLFED-71 ]SubjectConfirmation KeyInfo missing X509Data when public key cert is provided               
     *  [ PLFED-72 ]WSTrustUtil createKeyInfo(Certificate) must encode the certificate before setting it in the KeyInfo               
     *  [ PLFED-76 ]SPPostFormAuthenticator has a stale cast to GenericPrincipal               

** Task          
     *  [ PLFED-81 ]PicketLink Integration Tests Workspace               

** Release          
     *  [ PLFED-62 ]Release PicketLink Federation 1.0.3.CR3               
     *  [ PLFED-77 ]Release PicketLink Federation 1.0.3.CR4               
     *  [ PLFED-82 ]PicketLink Federation 1.0.3.final Release


IDM Subsystem:


** Bug
* [PLIDM-15] Problem with LDAP DN contains /
* [PLIDM-14] Users are removed from LDAP but not from DB with Fallback repository