Plans for Hibernate Search 4.x

New Features and todos (under construction ...)


New features


  • Introduce metadata API

  • Faceting based on Lucene's faceting implementation

  • Improved logging/introspection

    • Ability to log Lucene queries

  • Dynamic Sharding

  • Custom MergePolicy and MergeScheduler (HSEARCH-817)

  • Custom DeletionPolicy (HSEARCH-816)

  • Index mapping defined by queries (HSEARCH-886)

  • Simplified clustering configuration

  • Use Infinispan custom commands as a backend connector

  • GeoLocation Queries

Components upgrades

* Upgrade to Lucene 3.5 (HSEARCH-981)

* Upgrade to JGroups 3 and Infinispan 5.1 (HSEARCH-925)



  • Refactoring of DocumentBuilder

    • Remove dependency to Commons Annotation

    • Introduce Jandex as annotation repository

    • Clear steps in boostrapping (create annotation index, build metamodel, configure runtime model)

  • JPA integration cleanup

    • Share code from EntityManager to convert exceptions to appropriate types




  • Profiling

  • Load tests

  • More integration tests