Version 2

    Since PojoCache builds on plain JBossCache, so make sure you have plain JBossCache running properly first. Here is the page.


    If you still have trouble.

    • Make sure the tutorial works first.

    • Run through the examples directory under the distribution making sure they work.

    • Turn on the log4j category: org.jboss.cache.aop and look for putObject, removeobject, and getObject.

    • If you have trouble doing replication, look for _replicate in the log. You should see it tried to perform a method call with various opertaions.

    • If you putObject succeeds, but fine-grained replication, when you do a field update, try to look in the log for any put operation. For example, if you do pojo.setName("Taipei"), it should be underneath put(..., "Taipei") for fine-grained replication.

    • If everything elses, please report it to the forum.