Version 24

    In your project, you can have a "freezone", where you can put many HTML pages with any content and display style you like. To do this, follow these steps:

    1. Create a freezone directory in your project's root directory (relative to the project directory which is the name specified as the project id: <portal-name>/members/<project-id>)

    2. Add the pages to your menu descriptor (see below)

    3. Create the pages


    In the freezone directory, you can have any directory structure you like. In each directory, you can have HTML pages. The index.html page will be opened by default if just a directory is specified. Also, you can place images there. To generate links to other pages just use normal relative urls, the same for images.


    You can also add links to freezone pages to your navigation:


       <freezone display="Name of the link">path/relative/to/freezone/directory</freezone>


    So, here are a few examples:


    <!-- This will create a navigation link in the nav bar that goes to:
             and have the name in the nav bar be:  "Documentation"  -->
          <freezone display="Documentation">docs/index.html</freezone>