Version 13


    Users and Permissions

    1. What are the default permissions of a project space?


    • Project Lead is admin of project space
    • Project members are moderators and can post blog entries to project's blog.
    • Registered users can edit wiki, discussion and can vote on poll
    • Guests have view permission


    2. How can I manage members of a project group?

    Go to Admin Console and then navigate to People -> Group Summary and choose your project group.

    Click on Edit link next to Members and there you can add or remove members of your project.


    Changes are applied immediatelly (no logout/login is needed).



    3. How can I enable a project's blog?

    Go to your project space (i.e. and click on Edit the space in Actions widget and then check Blogs checkbox.


    4. How can I add blog posts to the Events page?

    Click on the Propose a Blog image on the page and follow the instructions to add a blog to  the Events group. Please use one or more of the following tags so we can filter posts:


    • jbug
    • jug
    • conference
    • workshop
    • event


    An administrator will then check the details and accept the posts after which point they'll appear in the feed at:


    5. Categories vs. sub-spaces - how to design project hierarchy?

    Please read these tips from SBS's documentation.


    This hierarchy fits in most cases:


    Project Space (User space)
      - Project Development (Development space)


    Project space could have defined categories with major.minor version to distinguish to which version particular content belongs.


    If project uses sub-projects then this hierarchy should fit:

    Project Space (Content related to whole project)
      - Sub project space (User space of sub project)
        - Sub project development (Development space)

    Each Sub project could also have categories like in previous case.


    6. I have several wiki articles in Wiki space and would like to move them to project space. Is it possible to do it by some script?

    Yes. We have prepared script for moving articles from one to another space.


    Only one thing is needed from your side. You need to add new tag to those articles or use existing to identify them. For example here is all articles tagged by "jbosssecurity":


    When you'll finish it then contact us via Contact Form and let us know name of the tag and if you want to remove this tag after movement (in cases that you tagged those articles only for this movement).



    7. How to get statistics for my project?

    We use Google Analytics tool for collecting statistics. Please contact us via Contact Form and let us know your Google Account.


    Community Awards

    8. How to add crowns to awarded users

    If a project team wishes to recognize a community member for a critical contribution then the project lead can give them a Noble Award. This consists of a crown being appended to the user's avatar in SBS. If multiple awards have been received these will be listed on the user's profile page. They have no relationship to the JBoss Community Recognition Awards and to highlight the difference Noble Awards should not be accompanied by any collateral such as t-shirts or additional promotion.


    Each award is defined in SBS as security group which is usually managed by project lead.


    To create new group for your project let us know two things:

    1. Project Name
    2. List of any awarded users to include - it can be page on your project site or document in your space or anything else.


    After that you'll have access to this group via the admin console where you can add/remove any user from this group (navigate to People -> Management -> Group summary).