Project Lead FAQ

Version 1


    1. How are pre-deffined permissions of project space?

    Permissions of project space are by default set to these settings:

    • Project Lead is admin of project space
    • Project members are moderators and can post blog entries to project's blog.
    • Registered users can edit wiki, discussion and can vote on poll
    • Guests have view permission


    2. How can I manage members of project group?

    Go to Admin Console and then navigate to People -> Group Summary and choose your project group.

    Click on Edit link next to Members and there you can add or remove members of your project.


    Changes are applied immediatelly (no logout/login is needed).


    3. How can I enable Project blog?

    Go to your project space (i.e. and click on Edit the space in Actions widget and then check Blogs checkbox.


    4. I have several wiki articles in Wiki space and would like to move them to project space. Is it possible to do it by some script?

    Yes. We have prepared script for moving articles from one to another space.


    Only one thing is needed from your side. You need to add new tag to those articles or use existing to identify them. For example here is all articles tagged by "jbosssecurity":


    When you'll finish it then contact us via Contact Form and let us know name of the tag and if you want to remove this tag after movement (in cases that you tagged those articles only for this movement).